PDA specializes in turnkey Capacitive Touchscreen and Touch solutions, but we can bring expertise to any level of the product development process:


Through in-house expertise and leveraging partner relationships we cover a broad range of disciplines:

Capacitive Touch

In 2000, PDA partnered with capacitive sensing pioneer Quantum Research Group (QRG), providing factory support and design services to QRG's North American customers. Following the acquisition of QRG by Atmel in 2008, and subsequent acquisition by Microchip in 2016, PDA continues to work closely with Microchip and their customers.

This close involvement during 20+ years of evolution of the capacitive sensing technology translates to deep understanding and unmatched expertise when it comes to touchscreens. Therefore, we specialize in touchscreen designs tuned for demanding and harsh environments.

We use the latest design practices, best-in-class manufacturing processes and on-site test and evaluation capabilities to provide touchscreens with uncompromising user-experience and performance